Best Handgun For Home Defense

Glock 380


Since 1982, Glock of Austria has been a provider of high-quality handguns to the worlds militaries and police forces. Created under the strictest levels of endurance and quality Glock handguns have become heavily relied upon by professional law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. Chambered in several calibers, the Glock 380 line is gaining in popularity. 


In the United States the Glock 380 line can only be imported by law enforcement and military agencies. Due to certain import restrictions the Glock 380 line is unavailable to civilians in the import market. There is not a clear understanding why exactly this continues to be the case but the Glock 380 is available throughout the world and to countries neighboring the US to the south. The 380 is often times preferred because of the light recoil of the gun and ease of shooting for almost any individual. In the case of finding the best handgun for home defense, even the smallest person or female homeowner can feel comfortable with this very capable handgun.


The Glock 380 line consists of the models Glock 25 (full-size) and Glock 28 (sub-compact). The G 25 is simply a 380 variant of the proven 9MM Glock 19 and the G 28 is the sub-compact version of the G 25. Lets take a quick look into the specifications of the se two 380 handguns.


Glock 25 .380 ACP (Full-Size) - The G 25 (and 28) was created primarily to provide civilian populations with a good substitute to handguns that were banned because they were chambered with military specific calibers. As with other 380’s, the G 25 is also favored because of the lower power exerted on the user and on the round itself. It is much less likely that the bullet will pass through its intended target, such as an intruder, and carry on to hit an unsuspecting neighbor or family member.


Height: 5 inches

Width: 1.18 inches

Length: 6.85 inches

Weight: 20.11 ounces / Loaded 27.31 ounces

Magazine: Std. 15 / Opt. 17/19

Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs




Glock 28 .380 ACP (Sub-Compact) - Just like its larger 380 sibling, the Glock 28 is a blowback operated 380 intended for the South American market. The Glock 28 differs only by size so that it can be easily handled, carried, or concealed. It is just as accurate, just as deadly and is one of the best handguns for home defense because its overall package.



Height: 4.17 inches

Width: 1.18 inches

Length: 6.29 inches

Weight: 18.66 ounces / Loaded 23.77 ounces

Magazine: Std. 10 / Opt. 12/15/17/19

Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs



While few in the US can attest to the quality of the Glock 380 line, many throughout the world can and have. And While there is little doubt that 380 fans in the United States will eventually be able to readily get their hands on the G 25 and G 28 it still remains elusive to the American fan base. For now, they will have to finds means outside of their borders to enjoy this Glock 380.